Wow! What a blast we all had yesterday at the goal setting and strategy event! As a team manager for (company name removed) of 12 years I've never seen the whole team so motivated and interested in achieveing a goal together.

Everyone was on board and actively involved and we discovered solutions and ideas we had never dreamed of from most departments. For the first time we felt a true cohesion and team spirit and the hypnosis session you did with the whole team with your headphone machine was inspirational!
S. Manchester


Thank you so much for helping me loose weight for my daughters wedding, I've sent a few pictures with this email from the wedding. I got a lovely suit to wear (and I've kept the weight off!) :)
L. Cleethorpes


I wasn't even sure that anyone would be able to help me with my Trichotillomania (or even if anyone would even know what it was) and I have t obe honest I was ringing round to see a hypnotherapist out of desperation so I was so happy when I called you and you said we could work on it and not "what's that?" I'd been doing it for the best part of 10 years before you helped me.
Thank you so much.
G. Sth Yorkshire



As a therapist of 20 years I was honestly skeptical as to what you could offer me, however you did come highly recommended by a very good friend of mind, who's opinion I trust. I am ashamed to say that I think I let my ego get the better of me because I learned more in the 3 sessions we worked together than in the last 10 years of CPD.

I have been applying the techniques and language patterns you showed me in my daily practice with my clients to great effect since and getting fantastic results. I am also thoroughly enjoying being more spontanious and "Ericksonian" in my approach.
Thank you!
David - Lincolnshire


Forgive the brief email but I am driving to my brothers house... in Newcastle! Yes, I passed my driving test. THANK YOU :) I honestly wish I had come to you first instead of wating till my 4th attempt (I was honestly at my wits end when we first met) instead.

Thank you so much!
Gill - Cleethorpes


Thank you for your help and support! I know it sounds crazy but my daughter was getting married and my biggest worry was not to whom or paying for the wedding (I'll worry about that later!) it was standing up in front of all those people and giving a speech. As you know I spent 25 years in an engineering workshop with all kinds of ribbing and banter so you wouldn't think I would have been terrified to speak in public but I was. I even had nightmares about it. I was still nervous but I did it and it felt great. The hypnosis you did must have really worked but the planning and all the hints and tips you gave me filled me with confidence too.
Mr Gresham - Harrogate