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Low Self Esteem

Hypnotherapy for Self Confidence | Low Self EsteemHow Hypnotherapy can build Self Confidence

There are many reasons you can feel that your experiencing a lack self confidence, however with help you can build  a greater self confidence and have a whole new lease of life.  Hypnotherapy for self confidence is very beneficial and successful with a whole range of issues affecting low self esteem and confidence. 

How can hypnosis help me?

If you feel fear of doing an activity or nerves are getting in the way of you achieving a goal then hypnosis and psychotherapy can help in building your confidence.  There are some people who just seem to breeze through life making it all look so effortless, nothing gets in their way.

The majority of these people simply have a harmonious relationship between their conscious and subconscious beliefs and a healthy attitude to life.  As well as helping you with Ericksonian psychotherapy and hypnosis I can also teach you self hypnosis.  By using the power of self hypnosis you can learn how to tap into your wonderful resources in your subconscious mind to feel more confident, positive and empowered.  I will teach you how to build your confidence and during your hypnosis sessions you will learn how to be a more confident and calm person.

There are many reasons for lacking in self confidence, and below are some examples;

  • Exam nerves/exam pressures
  • Meeting a partner
  • Job Interviews
  • Public speaking/presentations
  • Stage fright
  • Overcoming shyness
  • Social Phobia/ Anxiety
  • Fear of rejection
  • Lack of confidence
  • Commitment phobia
  • Fear of Driving

I have help many people with issues relating to self confidence and nerves (from social phobias to agoraphobia to stage fright and public speaking.) 

Occasionally clients will give permission to share their story in order to help others on the understanding that their name and location will be changed and no personal details will be shared.  One such person is Paul.

About Paul

Paul came to me with an interesting case. (Name changed.)

Paul contacted me by telephone and explained that he was experiencing crippling feelings of nerves every time there was a social gathering of family friends.   He explained that it had gotten worse and he was now at the point where he was avoiding as many social situations as possible.
Paul said that the pressure to go out was awful, he dearly wanted to spend time with other people but felt too nervous and afraid to do so.  He would often fret and panic leading up to the event, even go so far as getting ready and then change his mind at the last minute.

It was causing arguments and issues with his relationship as she was getting very upset and stressed around his wife and children.

At our first session Paul was nervous and I could see that even one on one with me he was not comfortable.   One of the main benefits of the style of hypnosis that I specialise in is that people can reach a point of relaxation, comfort and rapport in minutes that would ordinarily take many sessions with most other therapists.

Paul explained that he was not sure why he was feeling this way and wanted to feel better.  I asked how long he had been feeling this way Paul explained that he had always felt shy but it had gotten worse lately.

During an hypnosis session we discovered that Paul had been bullied when he was young and this had left him feeling that people did not like him.  When he told the teachers of the problem he was ignored.  During the hypnosis session we worked together to make new connections and new, positive ways of looking at what happened to him.

Even though the bullying had stopped years before, Paul's subconscious mind had an imprint on him, it believed that “no one likes you” and “ if you talk about it no one will listen.”  This experience had stayed with Paul and everyday in the back of his mind subconsciously hindered him on a daily basis.   It had become worse under stressful situations or circumstances and incidents that were similar to the original situation.

Over the course of three sessions Paul had quite an amazing transformation, he said he had never felt so good in years, within two sessions he had gone out for a meal with his family and it was wonderful.  To many people the act of going out for a family meal might not seem a big deal, however Paul was bordering on agoraphobia when I first met him.

We had one more session to really cement this positive changes to his subconscious mind and set some goals for the future.  It has been six months since my sessions with Paul and I received a wonderful letter from him, saying how well he is doing.  I love to hear from clients and get feedback on how well they are getting on, it makes me super proud of them.

You too can make positive changes and recharge your self esteem and confidence.  Simply send a message or call me by clicking here so we can can start helping you to feel confident and empowered too!

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