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After many years of research and development the Brian Watson Associates Paradigm Shift Hypnosis CD's are in production.

Q. How are the Paradigm Shift Hypnosis CD's Different Than Other CD's Available?

A. The concept of these CD's is very different from most other CD's and downloads out there.  Most CD's and downloads available simply encourage you into a relaxed state and then offer repetitive suggestions to Stop Smoking, Lose Weight, Achieve Your Goals etc.

As well as suggestion techniques, the Brian Watson Associates Paradigm Shift CD's series utilses powerful Ericksonian language patterns, Ericksonian Psychotherapy and NLP techniques (which vary from CD to CD) such as time distortion, future pacing, parts therapy, tapping into inner resources, dissociation, association, modelling etc. etc. 

Q. What's Wrong With Simply Repetitive Suggestions?

A. While this approach can be effective, the suggestions do tend to wear of if you don't take action consistantly for 28 days or more.  Simply offering suggestions can be effective, however they can simply be ignored or wear off after time if the listener doesn't take action.

Q. So How do the Brian Watson Associates Paradigm Shift CD's Differ?

A. Erickson and Rossi discovered that a much more effective approach to therapy was to utilise an experiential learning process for the subconscious mind.

In other words, the subconscious mind utilises its inner resources (either from the past or ones that are created) and applies it to the problem instead of simply relying on repetitive suggestions alone.

Q. So What is Experiential Learning?

A. When an athlete stands at the blocks and closes their eyes, they are not just focussing their concentration, they are running the whole race from start to finish. Because they have practiced this technique time and time again they have trained their subconscious mind to actually experience winning. To see, hear, touch, taste and feel every tiny nuance of that race from start to finish.

It's the difference that makes the difference, as Confucius (Chinese philosopher & reformer 551 BC - 479 BC) said:

"I hear and I forget.  I see and I remember.  I do and I understand." 

Q. Why is it Important to Utilise Experiential Learning?

A. When the subconscious experiences the process of reaching an end goal in detail it cannot tell the difference between an event that was imagined or really happened, and so experiential learning is a far more powerful technique than simple suggestion alone.

When your subconscious believes something has already happened it knows how to plan for it, what to expect and how to feel when it happens, in effect it has already happened and so there's no (or less) resistance.

Q. When Will the Paradigm Shift Hypnosis CD's Series be Available?

A. The first in the series is now available here , the rest are currently being completed and mastered and should be available very soon.  Rather than offer a cheaply produced CD burned on a home computer with low quality recording we have taken the time to have them professionaly produced and recorded complete with professionaly printed artwork, silver discs and prfessionally printed covers. 

Q. Is There a Guarantee Offered?

A. No CD or audio download will be as effective as a one to one session with a therapist. Indeed, nothing is promised of guaranteed even with a one to one session.  Your commitment and effort is always needed whether taking part in a one to one session or utilising the techniques on a CD or download, however the CD's are created to offer the best possible chance of success for the media offered.